Purple Emperor Butterfly Apatura Iris

The purple emperor butterfly is one of the most beautiful British butterfly species.

The male is sometimes nicknamed ‘His Majesty’.  He has a deep blue and purple sheen upon his wings.   The female is only brown in colour.  At a slight flutter of the wings, the purple emperor butterfly wings can change colour from black with white strikes to deep iridescent blue-purple

Purple emperor butterflies live in woodlands.  They feed on aphid honeydew.  They are quite elusive though they have been seen when they venture out of the woodland canopy for moisture and minerals. Although rarely seen they are not a worry for butterfly conservation at present.

What I enjoyed about painting this butterfly in watercolour, is that I could build layer upon layers of beautiful hues and tones.  I think purple and brown go really well together.  These purple and brown colours with deep French ultramarine and leaving white areas helped me capture the beauty of this butterfly.

As always I use Windsor and Newton Artist quality paints to ensure that I get the beautiful translucent colours of nature and a good quality watercolour paper such as Arches.  Sable watercolour brushes always give the best results since they are natural, form a find point and hold much paint.

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