Adonis Blue Butterfly

Adonis Blue Butterfly Lysandra Bellargus The Adonis Blue butterfly is a British butterfly.  This family of blue butterflies can be quite difficult to identify as they can look quite similar.  Nowadays with man's land use, the environment has changed too much - there are too few species to even be seen at all. However, I have seen a holly blue butterfly fluttering around the ivy

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Purple Emperor Butterfly

Purple Emperor Butterfly Apatura Iris The purple emperor butterfly is one of the most beautiful British butterfly species. The male is sometimes nicknamed ‘His Majesty’.  He has a deep blue and purple sheen upon his wings.   The female is only brown in colour.  At a slight flutter of the wings, the purple emperor butterfly wings can change colour from black with white strikes to deep

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Speckled Wood Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly Pararge aegeria The speckled wood butterfly is brown-coloured. Brown can seem so dull and rather boring.  Brown butterflies sound like they shouldn't be when considering beautiful butterflies such as the swallowtail and purple emperor butterflies. However there are a family of butterflies called the satyridae or the 'browns' of which the speckled wood butterfly is a member. All satyridae species only have

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Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Tortoiseshell Butterfly Aglais urticae The tortoiseshell butterfly is a well-known British butterfly but is becoming increasingly less common. The tortoise shell butterfly has quite an elaborate mating ritual. The males select a prime spot near the nettles, their main food plant, and waits for a female. He follows her from behind and drums his antennae on her hind-wings making a faint but audible sound. She

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