Kingfisher Bird

Kingfisher Bird Alcedo atthis Swift on the wing and clinical in attack, kingfishers are assisted by their amazing ocular faculty. Adaptable between monocular in flight, and binocular in the dive, the kingfisher is able to judge its course with breath-taking precision. During winter, this is especially beneficial as the kingfisher needs to eat around seven times its body weight each day.  Determining between male and

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Puffin Birds

Puffin Bird Fratercula arctica What an endearing seabird is the puffin sometimes nicknamed the 'sea parrot'. A puffin has a bright red, dark blue and yellow bill ideal for carrying their favourite food - sand eels. Sometimes their bills are full of sand eels hanging out either side of their beak. Unfortunately with man's impact on the sea the sand eels have declined in numbers.

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Bittern Bird

Bittern Bird (Botauris stellaris) The bittern bird is now considered the rarest bird in the UK.  The bittern is a member of the heron family and is extremely shy and elusive. Before fenland was drained to form farmland, the bittern was once common and vast numbers of booming bitterns in Spring would have been a glorious sound. Bitterns only live in reed beds, beautifully camouflaged

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Robin Bird

Robin Erithacus rubecula The robin bird song is so beautiful particularly at dawn and can be quite complex and melodious but that may be because robins are in the thrush family of birds (Turdidae). As a member of the thrush family, the robin shares a cousin-like kinship with the nightingale, and is also related to the blackbird. Traditionally associated with scenes of holly trees, snow,

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Bearded Tit Bird

Bearded Tit Bird  (Panurus biarmicus) The male bearded tit is tawny brown in colour and has a long tail similar to the tail of a long-tail tit. The male bearded tit has a blue-grey head and a splendid black moustache rather like a beard which gives him his name. The female bearded tit is quite drab. They are found living in reed beds and have a

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Barn Owl

Barn owl bird (Tyto alba) The barn owl may be nearly as pale and white as a snowy owl but there is no mistaking this attractive white owl with brown feathers. They tend to avoid tawny owls who could attack them.  They have longer wings than tawny owls and can silently fly over open countryside whereas tawny owls stay in their woodland homes. Tawny owls

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