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Bearded Tit Bird

Bearded Tit Bird  (Panurus biarmicus) The male bearded tit is tawny brown in colour and has a long tail similar to the tail of a long-tail tit. The male bearded tit has a blue-grey head and a splendid black moustache rather like a beard which gives him his name. The female bearded tit is quite drab. They are found living in reed beds and have a

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Honey Bee

Honey Bee Apis mellifera The honey bee belongs to one of the most complex societies in nature. If it was not for honey bees it is fair to say that we may all die of starvation. A honey bee colony may have 80,000 bees and most of them are sisters to each other. The queen bee can lay a thousand eggs a day. She is

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Barn Owl

Barn owl bird (Tyto alba) The barn owl may be nearly as pale and white as a snowy owl but there is no mistaking this attractive white owl with brown feathers. They tend to avoid tawny owls who could attack them.  They have longer wings than tawny owls and can silently fly over open countryside whereas tawny owls stay in their woodland homes. Tawny owls

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