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Hello, my name is Alison Langridge – welcome to my site.
I am a self-taught artist from England in the UK. I’ve only been painting since 2011 but as a young child I loved to draw. The joy I received from being lost in my drawings and experimenting with colours and design were forgotten as life went on without a creative outlet. I was immediately enthralled by the colours and translucency of watercolour paints when I rediscovered my artistic self in 2011.
For any visitors who are learning to paint wildlife in watercolour, I do hope that you find my artworks a source of encouragement. Watercolour painting can be very frustrating – sometimes, it feels like painting with coloured puddles! However, I can testify that perseverance and not putting too much pressure on yourself is the only way to improve. I will share with you my tips and share my knowledge in my blog posts.
I paint all things of nature – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and landscapes. I also paint pets and botanical portraits. Watercolour is my medium of choice but I also like to paint in oils and pastels.